Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Is it so effin' bad that I want to be left alone? I have not had time to myself with the exception of 20 min-2hrs without someone in the same room or just outside of it. I honestly feel like I am being slowly suffocated.

I have always given others the time they want and need to be alone, and when I wasn't working, I made a point to go to my parents/friends/grandparents house to give my boyfriend time to do his own thing. Why am I not afforded the same courtesy? Every human being wants time alone in there own head... they don't want to be constantly bombarded with human contact. FFS.

Iunno, I guess I am just feeling like I never get to have time to think or breathe. Someone is always around and it's like I'm 2 again. I really don't need a babysitter and I just wish that people could just leave me alone.

All I really need to have time to sort myself out.

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