Friday, 2 December 2011


I am decidedly displeased with work right now. It has been a very long hard day, and don't any of you bitch at me for whining about my cushy job. I deal with the dumbest of dumb people. I literally get asked once daily how to turn on a printer or if it has to be plugged into power to turn on.

Like for the love of god people. READ THE FUCKING MANUAL. It is probably a good thing none of my bosses know about this blog or my ass would be soooooo fired. Apparently calling people stupid is a no-no. Oh and so is yelling at mentors.

So it wasn't really the mentors fault. In the real world we are actually friends, but at work I am a hormonal angsty underpaid overworked bitch. He unfortunately wasn't trained well on windows and that being said he is very fast learner. I just happened to be having an issue installing some dudes printer and my friend who is supposed to know all, drew a blank. I was fine with that until he left me with the instruction to refer to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) just "because something is wrong." I may have (loudly) said "well you didn't know the first thing about it so why should I listen to you?"

I feel badly about yelling at him, but I have a job to do, y'know? If the people who are supposed to be helping me aren't properly trained, then how am I supposed to fix issues and give customers proper recommendations? Amirite?

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