Sunday, 18 December 2011


So I have been at my friends house for the weekend and it is amazing. We have been drinking some white wine and I even had a little bit of weed :)

I have been talking to a whole bunch of friends and I am making soooo many plans. I never thought I would say this but Love sucks. I don't want to be in a relationship again for a while. I'm having waaaaaaay too much fun right now anyways :P

I literally have so many people wanting to hook me up with friends, and they are all being told the same thing, I'm not looking for anyone right now. I'll hangout and we can get to know each other but I'm not interested in anything serious.

I was also lucky enough to be invited to my friends early christmas dinner. She made a delicious turkey with all the fixin's. It was uhmazing. :)

In other news, I heard an interesting story. Apparently I am all the talk of my workplace. There is some gossip going around that I was an abusive money grubbing bitch to my ex. I want to clear this up.

I never took his money. He asked me to move in and after his urging and irrational decision making, I did. I pay for my half of everything as well as pay for all the groceries and half of a TV my ex was renting.

I wasn't abusive. Sure we had our fights and we yelled, but I never put my hands on him. I got in his face when he did wrong and toward the end I was bitter because he had been physically violent, and because I was losing the battle to keep my home together. I may have been angry, but I never monopolized his money, beat him or controlled him. In fact I had to scream at him to leave me alone for one stupid night.

I just wanted to dispel some of the gossip and lies being spread by people who were once my friends. I have the perfect lyric for this in fact;

"Everybody wants to slap your back, wants to shake your hand, when your up on top of that mountain. But let one of those rocks give way and you slide back down, look up and see who's around then. "

You really do find out who your friends are at a time like this. Someone will drop everything, come and find you to pull you out of that place. Those are the people who don't think about what's in it for them, the people that don't tally favours. Then again you have friends that will drop you... Right on your face.

Lesson of the Day : Fair weather friends are great in the sunshine, but I would rather spend my time in the rain sharing an umbrella with someone I can depend on.

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