Saturday, 10 December 2011

Grocery lists

I have recently discovered that menu planning and making shopping lists saves me somewhere between 200-400 dollars per month. Yeah.

I am a terrible impulse buyer and I tended to shop while I was hungry and those things just don't go together. So I opted to look for an alternative and found out that menu planning and grocery lists aren't as hard as I thought.

Since I want everyone to save money and let out that little squeal of delight when they realize that they have found the perfect template/recipe/menu, I thought I would share these with you. They are a tonne of resources on menu and meal planning. Templates, site that do it for you, price lists... you name it, it's there.

AIO Resources

Better Budgeting: Menu planner, basic lists, price lists, ect.

Free Printable Grocery List: A whole tonne of downloadable templates.

Grocery Lists: Ultimatest lists and if you find a list in your cart send it in!

I'm an Organizing Junkie: Grocery lists

Keep and Share:s A whole compilation of lists, even ones for diet restriction!

Mom's Budget: A whole slew of printable/downloadable stuff to save you money!

Money Saving Mom: A bunch of downloadable forms and chore lists plus some other good tips and tricks.

Menu Planners & Grocery Lists

A Feathered Nest: Grocery List.

Design Sponge: DIY Grocery Planner.DIY Grocery Planner. Weekly menu planner and grocery list.

Carina Gardner: Monthly menu planner. Monthly menu planner.

Organized Home: Weekly menu planner.

The Project Girl: Menu planning forms.

Price Books (Mostly Excel Doc's.)

Cheap Cooking: You will likely have to delete some things out but otherwise it looks pretty good!

It's Your Money: A large file in a zip.

No Credit Needed: A free printable price list that will help you save some money, check out the rest of the site too, great money saving info!

Organized Home: Price Book.

Menu Planners

Busy Bee Lifestyle: Downloadable planners with bees!

Disney Family Fun: Get the kids to help plan dinner!

Home Life Weekly: A rainbow coloured planner, for my most colourful friends!

The Home School Mom: A menu planner with or without lines and some other planners as well!

Main Street Mom: Simple. Basic. Efficient.

Meal Planning Mommies: Great for the Moms of the world. Not so much for the childless or male unless you don't mind having "I'm a meal planning mommy!" on your planner!

Organized Home: Again!? "How helpful can this site be?" you ask? Very.

Unclutter: A basic once over of how to do a meal plan and a downloadable meal planner.

Vertex: Meal planners for up to a month ahead of time!

Grocery Lists

Excel Templates: 3 different templates in multiple sizes.

Mom Ready: A simple check list.

Painted Gold: A functional and easy to read template.

Split Coast Stampers: You have to scroll a bit to find the pdf file but it's there!

Squawkfox: Affordable, healthy list of food in a neat checklist.

Vertex 42: A grocery list template to match your menu planner.

Meal Planning Sites

DinnerTool: Haven't tested it but it looks decent.

Real Simple: A months worth of dinners!

Spring Pad: Someone mentioned this to me, it's an app that works on iPhone and Andriods or via the web to organize recipes into grocery lists apparently, but don't quote me on it!

The In-Between Girl: A fully completed meal plan by another blogger!

Rubbing Nickels: A site dedicated to being frugal and they happen to have a 2 week meal planner.

SOS Cuisine: A personal favourite that creates your menu and populates your grocery list with free and fee based menu's available.

All Recipes: There is an option to add particular recipes to your menu and from there, to populate a grocery list.

Canadian Living: Apparently Canadian Living has created a free menu planner.

Planning with Kids A menu planner to help keep you organized

My Fridge Food: A site that gives you recipes based on what is already in your fridge. (Not really a menu planner, but nifty none the less.

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