Monday, 5 December 2011


Soooooo, today was interesting. I spent the majority of it searching frantically throughout the call center for my "lost" cell phone.

I checked my purse, my coat and my boobs. I looked under my desk, in my drawer and through all my papers and binders.

I then retraced my steps, I looked in the aisles, out in the smoking area, in the cafeteria, I even checked with security and looked out front. I asked my TM too look around and made the janitor check everything. I even went through my garbage.

I was moping around my desk and trying to figure out how I was going to explain to my boyfriend that I had lost my phone when my friend popped over for a chat. I asked him if he had seen my phone, and he asked how big it was. I said "About 2x3, why?" giving him a funny look. He then pointed at my stomach and asked whether or not I checked the front pocket of my hoodie. I looked down to see a perfect 2x3 rectangle showing through my sweater....

I swear, I am losing my mind. Lmfao.
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